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Pittsburgh s struggles against bad teams are hardly relevant

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Pittsburgh s struggles against bad teams are hardly relevant

Notapor elvafeng » Vie Dic 01, 2017 8:40 am

Terry Bradshaw played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and won four Super Bowls with the team in the 1970 s. Even as an NFL analyst for Fox, his objectivity is somewhat in question. While the Steelers are 9 2 and tied atop the AFC with the New England Patriots, they have not looked as dominant as their likely AFC Championship Game opponent in struggling against lesser teams like the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers.

Bradshaw defended the team to Colin Cowherd, who argued that the Patriots simply don t have those lapses, on Fox Sports 1 s The Herd. While he admitted that he doesn t have an explanation for the struggles against bad teams, he did point out potential weaknesses in the Patriots to say that they aren t infallible either.

[Tom] Brady would be no good if his guards and centers weren t any good. Pressure up the middle against Tom, he s history. Forget the tackles because he s going to step up.

To be fair, Brady s starting center, David Andrews, is currently out with an injury. So is right tackle Marcus Cannon, who was an All Pro last season despite Bradshaw s protests that tackles don t matter for the Patriots, and Cannon s backup La Adrian Waddle was hurt against the Miami Dolphins as well. That game shouldn t serve as an effective barometer for what Brady and the Patriots do against pressure.

But on the other side, the Steelers generate more pressure than the Dolphins and pretty much anyone else in football. They have 38 sacks this season, second in football, and a lot of that comes inside as Cam Heyward leads the way with nine sacks. The Steelers will pressure Brady because they pressure everyone.

That is not a flaw in their design, just as Pittsburgh s struggles against bad teams are hardly relevant against the Patriots because the Patriots are not a bad team. Neither the Steelers or the Patriots are perfect, but they are also being judged on unfair grounds particularly when it comes to the other. They are the two best teams in the AFC and perhaps the NFL, and they are both historically very successful teams. That lends itself to unnecessary criticism.

Critics are bored waiting for the Week 15 battle between the two teams Shea McClellin Jersey, so they re looking for storylines to keep fans occupied during this waiting period. So far, they ve failed to generate anything compelling.

The entire interview can be seen below.
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